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Sudan Ellington is the Founder of E-Class Sports Training, Director and Lead Trainer of Big Skills Academy (OL/DL), a football skills program that helps with the development of Offensive and Defensive Lineman who want to improve their skills and techniques. The Big Skills Academy training experience has produced a countless number of High School All-Americans, Collegiate signees, and Professional Athletes.

Known as Coach E by many, Sudan developed his athletic skills in high school by playing both basketball and football. This earned him many honors as well as a scholarship to the University of Tennessee where he played both sports. He later transferred to James Madison University, and finished his collegiate career as a member of the 2004 National Championship team. It was his love for the game of football that led him to his coaching career, and the later development of Big Skills Academy.

His broad range of knowledge and skills have allowed him to not only shape and mold outstanding athletes, but also to host and participate in various events including: NFL Prep 100 series, Nike Football Training Camp, Big Skills Academy NFL Pre Draft Training and USA Football Developmental Camp, to name a few.

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Sudan is the founder of E-Class Sports LLC, doing business as ECS Basketball Academy. He has served as a player development trainer under Legendary Coach Reginald Kitchen for 15 plus years with 5 on 5 Basketball Academy. The program has mentored an innumerable amount of professional basketball players, and is known for developing character through sports while assisting youth players maximizing their potential to reach the elite level.

Through ECS, Coach E offers a wide range of services across the country such as: Basketball Shooting Clinic/Camp, Personal Training, Group Training, Clinics, Skills Academy, Team Training, and More.

As a seeker of knowledge, Coach E is constantly connecting with great coaches on all levels of the game. He believes in the saying “Success Leaves Footprints” and he adamantly follows the footprints of those that have been and are where he is going. His passionate approach to coaching and skills development as well as his intensity, attention to details, and ability to keep players accountable is the formula for his success.

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  • CEO of BSA (OL/DL)
  • Big Skills Academy
  • About BSA

Big Skill Academy is a football skill program that helps development Offensive and Defensive Lineman who want to improve their skills and technique. The Big Skill Academy training experience has produced countless of High School All-American, Collegiate signees, and Professional Athletes.

Events include: James Madison University Elite Camp, Ganon Baker Basketball, Nike Alabama Skills Academy, Boo Williams SL Trainer, BWSL MD Elite, East Side Basketball Camp, Nike International Skills Academy, China 17 & Under National Team

O"Whether you are preparing to perform for scouts or fighting to break into the starting lineup, ECS training will give you the edge you need to perform at your best during the limited opportunities to show s

E-Class Sports Training has produced countless of High School All-American, Collegiate signees, and Professional Athletes. Thaddeus Young (76ers), Brendon Haywood(Mavs), Grant Hill(Suns), DJ Johnson(Giants), Justin Tryon (Giants), Akeem Jordan (Eagles)

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  • Trainer & Instructor
  • 5 on 5 Basketball Academy
  • About 5on5

5 ON 5 comprehensive basketball training program is designed to help youngsters make significant improvement in their skills and understanding of basketball. We specialize in teaching the game by breaking it down into its fundamental skills and techniques.

Our philosophy is that by teaching the right techniques of all the skills (dribbling and ball handling, passing, shooting, defensive position and footwork, moving without the ball, pick-and-roll, rebounding, seeing the court, etc.) of the game, and by drilling those skills through repetition, our students will make dramatic progress in their proficiency as basketball players.

Our program is open to male and female students from first grade through college age and beyond. Appointments are required for attending classes. You are welcome to observe a training session prior to sending your child to a class.

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